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Vaping Causes Disease & Death?

We’ve all read about or seen the news regarding the “lung disease outbreak”

We have not been able to find a single notable illness recorded that has been solely attributed to ‘traditional e-cig vaping’ (flavored e-juice with or without nicotine). According to the CDC[1], “Most patients have reported a history of using e-cigarette products containing THC. Many…reported using THC and nicotine.”  According to the FDA[2], “…samples tested…have been identified as…containing THC, and further, most…also contained significant amounts of vitamin E acetate.”THC cartridges are filled with often highly concentrated THC liquid that has been extracted from marijuana.  These products are legal in states that have legalized the use of marijuana.

  • Professional / Licensed Companies exist in states where marijuana products are legal for medical and/or recreational use. These companies typically produce THC liquids by using a ‘cold press method’ which is when flowers of the marijuana plant are pressed to release the liquids which is then purified, then diluted with propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) to produce a finished product.  Because all of the chemicals in the final product are natural, these are NOT the problem.
  • Illegal / Black Market / Drug Cartels exist throughout the United States and often have a much smaller marijuana crop, to cut the amount of crop used and produce more volume they extract the THC liquid from the plant using CHEMICALS such as BUTANE. This process generates more THC liquid per pound of marijuana plant.  The butane evaporates off but as with any chemical process there is still residue left over in the liquid.
  • Mineral oils (MCTs[3] / Vitamin E Oil) are used in the diluting process for these black market If you continuously inhale oils, your lungs can not absorb nor expel those oils (lungs weren’t made for oils, everything in traditional e-cig juice is water soluble) this will lead to a dangerous condition called Lipoid Pneumonia … which can and has led to death. This is the PROBLEM we all are hearing about.

Most of the illnesses have occurred in states which have not legalized marijuana, therefore, people that purchase those cartridges and liquids have done so through the black market. This allows for the bad stuff to be sold alongside the properly and legally made products.

E-Cig juice does not, and should not, contain any OILS!





[3] Medium Chain Triglycerides (“MCTs”) are often added to smoothies, coffee products, and salad dressings however as they are an oil they should never be inhaled.